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Gernot Wolfgang - VIENNA AND THE WEST

Groove-oriented Chamber Music, Vol.4

Albany Records TROY1760 (2019)

Featured performances on: Impressions, Road Signs, Windows

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Gernot Wolfgang - PASSING THROUGH

Groove-oriented Chamber Music, Vol.3

Albany Records TROY1624 (2016)

GRAMMY® Award Nomination - Best Classical Compendium

Featured performances on: Flurry, Passing Through, Trilogy

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Centaur Records CRC 3251 (2013)

Featured performance on: Three Short Stories

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Gernot Wolfgang - SHORT STORIES

More groove-oriented Chamber Music

Albany Records TROY1248 (2011)

Featured performances on: Encounters, Low Agenda, Three Short Stories

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Jazz-Chamber Music Vol.2

artistShare AS 0104 (2010)

Performance on: Pavane

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Gernot Wolfgang - COMMON GROUND

Groove-oriented Chamber Music

Albany Records TROY854 (2006)

Featured performances on: Common Ground, Dual Identity

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Sándor Vegh/Camerata Academica Salzburg - HAYDN SYMPHONIEN

Orfeo C 532 001 B (2000)

Featured performance on: Sinfonia Concertante in Bb Major, Hob. I/105

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American Music Ensemble Vienna - BERGER AND DEL AGUILA

Albany Records TROY066 (1995)

Featured performances on: Herbsttag, Hexen

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Yuki Morimoto/Ensemble 9 - DARK SUMMER

Ex-House Records EX 1001C (1990)

Featured performances on: Cleopatra, Side Walk, Witches Are Dancing On The Roof

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