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T r a c k   I n f o



1. Sonata in C Major – 1. Largo  (Johann Friedrich Fasch)

2. Sonata in C Major – 2. Allegro  (Johann Friedrich Fasch)

3. Sonata in C Major – 3. Andante  (Johann Friedrich Fasch)

4. Sonata in C Major – 4. Allegro assai  (Johann Friedrich Fasch)

5. Duo for Flute and Bassoon No.1  (Gernot Wolfgang)

6. Interferénces I  (Roger Boutry)

7. Sonata for Clarinet and Bassoon - 1. Allegro  (Franics Poulenc)

8. Sonata for Clarinet and Bassoon - 2. Romance  (Francis Poulenc)


9. Sonata for Clarinet and Bassoon - 3. Final  (Francis Poulenc)  


P e r s o n n e l

Tracks 1-4:  Judith Farmer – bassoon I Patricia Mabee – harpsichord I Andrew Shulman – violoncello    


Track 5:  Susan Greenberg – flute I Judith Farmer – bassoon


Track 6:  Judith Farmer – bassoon I Vicki Ray – piano

Tracks 7-9:  Wenzel Fuchs - clarinet I Judith Farmer - bassoon


C o p y r i g h t   I n f o


Tracks 1-4:  Public Domain 


Track 5:  © Copyright 1996 by Ludwig Doblinger (Bernhard Herzmansky) KG & Co GmbH, Vienna (Dobl. 06 319)


Track 6:  Copyright First Digital Music o/b/o Marlowlynn Ltd

Tracks 7-9:  Copyright G. Schirmer, Inc. o/b/o Chester Music; produced by ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra

R e c o r d i n g   C r e d i t s

Tracks 1-6

Recorded on October 23-24, 2001 at Alfred Newman Hall, Alan Hancock Foundation

Building at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.


Produced by Gernot Wolfgang and Judith Farmer

Recorded by Fred Vogler

Mixed and mastered by Rich Breen

Edited by Gernot Wolfgang and Rich Breen


Tracks 7-9

Recorded on September 24, 1990 at Grosser Sendesaal, ORF Funkhaus Wien


Produced by Harald Steeger

Recorded by Gerhard Harrer

Mastered for this album by Rich Breen

Compilation Producers: Gernot Wolfgang and Judith Farmer

Album Mastering Engineer: Rich Breen

Photograph of Judith Farmer by Ian Evenstar

Digital cover design by Sally Coates

Website design by Gernot Wolfgang

VSIP Records 001

Distributed via CD Baby (download/streaming only)

UPC# 195448842296

Release date: 12/24/2020



L i n e r   N o t e s   a n d

A c k n o w l e d g e m e n t s



In October of 2001 I started to record a CD.  I got three pieces "in the can" and then life happened. The recordings

have been sitting on my desk waiting to be edited since then, squarely in the category of "when I get around to it"!

One of the silver linings of the Stay at Home orders during the global pandemic has been finally being able

to make time for just such a project.


Without the help and encouragement of my dear, sweet husband, Gernot Wolfgang, completing the editing of these recordings would not have been possible. My heartfelt thanks go to him, my family and my teachers, Karl Öhlberger and

John Casagrande, who are sadly no longer with us, and Mordechai Rechtman, for their unfailing support and guidance.


I would also like to express my deep gratitude to the musicians in these recordings who helped bring the music to life with their consummate artistry. They include current and former members of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Patricia Mabee, principal keyboardist, Andrew Shulman, principal cellist and Susan Greenberg, flutist, as well as Wenzel Fuchs, principal clarinetist of the Berlin Philharmonic, and Vicki Ray, head of keyboard studies at the California Institute of the Arts.


In addition, many thanks to the recording engineers who captured everything so wonderfully: Fred Vogler, Gerhard Harrer, and mastering engineer Rich Breen. I would also like to give a shout out to Knut Sønstevold, a fellow Öhlberger student,

whose recording of the Boutry first introduced me to and inspired me to learn the piece.


Judith Farmer, December 2020


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